[Made in Korea] Galbitang with Radish Leaves (Spicy Galbitang)

6% Rp 68.000
Rp 72.500
6% Rp 68.000
Rp 72.500you save Rp 4.500

[New Seoul] Chamstory Ugeoji Galbitang / Refrigerated. Weight: 500g

This is a savory and spicy beef rib stew made with soft beef ribs and beef ribs. We use ribs that have been primed to remove impurities and the fat removed by hand. Light vegetable broth containing minced ginger, perilla seed powder, minced garlic, and soybean paste, and meat broth made with beef bones and beef ribs are mixed in golden ratio to create a deep, rich dish.
When using a pot or earthenware pot, it's done in 5 minutes over medium heat, and when using a microwave, it's done in 4 minutes at 700W!

cold storage. Weight: 500g
Expiration date: 2024-05-18