[Eombantu] Peeled onion (400g)

20% Rp 32.000
Rp 40.000
20% Rp 32.000
Rp 40.000you save Rp 8.000

Feel free to use onions, which are widely used in everyday cooking. I cleaned fresh, good New Zealand onions and peeled them cleanly. Since the onions are imported from New Zealand, a clean area, they are even more reliable. Just wash it lightly, cook it the way you want, and you’re done! It's a great amount to use without worrying about leaving anything behind, so even small furniture can use it comfortably.

Enjoy a more enjoyable and convenient cooking time with peeled onions that don't have to worry about cleanup!

# TELUR PUYUH, quail, quail egg, quail egg, egg, egg

Refrigerated weight: 400g