Minced Garlic (200g)

22% Rp 25.000
Rp 32.000
22% Rp 25.000
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Minced garlic is widely used in a variety of dishes, especially in Korean cuisine, where it is difficult to find a dish that does not use it.
The uses are endless, from stews and soups to stir-fry and grilling. As it is used frequently, it runs out quickly, so you need to always keep it with you. This product is recommended for those who are reluctant to clean and chop garlic individually.

Well-ripened garlic was finely chopped and refrigerated. It is prepared in a small capacity that is easy to use and store, so it will be convenient for you to use it effectively.

# TELUR PUYUH, quail, quail egg, quail egg, egg, egg

Frozen weight: 200g