[Korea Dessert] Honey & Pumpkin Rice Cake (500g)

Rp 60.000
Rp 60.000

[Jongno] Honey Sweet Pumpkin Seolgi (500g)

Let me introduce you to a fluffy pumpkin honey dish filled with pumpkin that will keep your eyes glued to your eyes. The yellow color of Pumpkin Honey Seolgi is created only with fresh sweet pumpkin, not artificial colors, so not only is the color very pretty, but it is also very rich in nutrients. Gula are added to the pumpkin honey seolgi to add a moist and sweet taste, and it is rich in dietary fiber, making it easy to digest and comfortable on the stomach. Individually packaged in small, easy-to-eat sizes, perfect as a snack for children!

Room temperature (room temperature).Weight: 500g