[AUS/Frozen] Black Angus Ribeye Steak (±2cm/300g)

10% Rp 378.000
Rp 420.000
10% Rp 378.000
Rp 420.000you save Rp 42.000

A perfect combination of shrimp meat and roe sirloin. Flower sirloin / frozen. Weight: 300g

The “flower” of sirloin loved by everyone, its rich juiciness, flavor and texture
No antibiotics or growth promoters are used, and GMO-free feed is used.

Enhance your dining experience by tasting the luxurious feast of premium sirloin steak, a true masterpiece of culinary perfection.

Meet free-range Angus, which has a great flavor, tender meat and a very good reputation. This is by far the best steak. You can enjoy a healthy meal with excellent taste. Each cut is carefully selected for its excellent marbling and tenderness, providing a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Experience the perfect balance of richness and juiciness as Black Angus sirloin excites your taste buds with a flavor that beef cannot match.

frozen. Weight: 300g