[8Bolossom] Wagyu MB7+ Cube roll Steak @300g

10% Rp 495.000
Rp 550.000
10% Rp 495.000
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[AUS] Wagyu MB 7+ Sirloin Steak (±2cm) / Frozen. Weight: 300g

Experience sirloin steak that shines with quality and flavor. Supermarket offers sirloin steak made from premium quality beef. The fresh and tender meat melts in your mouth, providing you with the ultimate dining experience. Sirloin is the highest quality cut of meat and is soft and of high quality, giving it a great texture and flavor. It is suitable for a variety of cooking methods and can be grilled or pan-seared to maximize the fresh taste and flavor of the meat. It's the perfect choice for a great meal on a special occasion or as a gift for a special guest. Create a rich table with sirloin steak!

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frozen. Weight: 300g