[8Bolossom] Wagyu MB7+ Striploin Steak @300g

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[AUS] Wagyu MB 7+ Striploin Steak (±2cm) / Frozen. Weight: 300g

Australian Wagyu sirloin steak is made from premium beef of the highest quality. It is made from the loin parts of Wagyu cattle raised in an iron-rich environment with excellent plant-based feed. Striploin steak is tender and offers a unique balance and flavor. It maximizes tenderness and rich flavor, and achieves a balance between fat and muscle. Wagyu striploin steaks give the best results when cooked on a grill or skillet. The fresh flavor and tenderness of the meat allows you to create delicious dishes that highlight the unique characteristics of the meat. Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a fine meal. Our products meet rigorous standards for quality and taste, providing you with the ultimate dining experience.

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frozen. Weight: 300g