[Kata Oma] Spicy Balado Padang

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[Kata Oma] Balado Padang

Carefully selected ingredients, no preservatives, no MSG, natural palm sugar
Kata Oma was created as an expression of my grandmother's love for her family by providing them with delicious, nutritious and hygienic snacks. Kata Oma's signature recipes use only the finest natural ingredients and undergo complex preparation and cooking processes. This labor of love never fails to provide families with some of the best and most popular authentic snacks. Grandma's snacks become the center of every moment in the extended family, creating unforgettable memories as everyone shares stories. It is a snack enjoyed by children and grandchildren as it allows them to feel the warmth of family with its unique taste. What we want to create for you through our products is the warm atmosphere of family and home.

Balado Padang:
Minang's signature Balado spice and the spicy taste of the original chili combine to provide a unique sweet and salty taste, making it very popular with spicy lovers. It feels similar to Korean tteokbokki sauce.

Weight: 63g