May 12, 2023점장
Jakarta, a place where things that are taken for granted in Korea are not taken for granted at all .
Like the supermarket in my neighborhood when I was young,
I missed having a place where I could always be there when I needed something.

If you recommend good meat today, I can buy it with confidence.
If you say the fish just came in, it was really fresh.
A local supermarket where the fruit tasted really sweet when you held it in your hand .

Living abroad is fun and exciting, but sometimes difficult and tiring.
In the hope that it will become a little more convenient and healthier.
Start ‘Supermarket’.

For healthy food for our family, the most precious thing in the world.
We can relieve the great burden of mothers who worry every day.
I want to become a ‘supermarket’.

Head Office

26th Floor, Revenue Tower, SCBD,
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No.52-53,
Jakarta Selatan 12190, Indonesia