[Local/Frozen] Boneless Chicken Leg (500g)

10% Rp 63.000
Rp 70.000
10% Rp 63.000
Rp 70.000you save Rp 7.000

[Frozen] Boneless chicken thigh (500g)

Boneless chicken thighs that are as versatile as they are familiar.
Chickens supplied only to premium supermarkets such as AEON, GS Supermarket, Farmers market, Ranch market, and Lotte Mart are received in the freshest refrigerated condition, inspected by the supermarket inspection team, and then delivered frozen for hygiene management purposes.

Have you ever tried to buy a chicken at a large supermarket in Indonesia and been surprised to see blood dripping from it and the chicken smelling bad? Although large supermarkets are supplied with fresh and healthy chicken, the quality seems to be inconsistent due to poor cold chain management.

Supermarket will deliver freshness to customers through a proper full cold chain.
Order with confidence in Supermarket’s fresh delivery :)

Frozen weight: 500g
Country of origin: Domestic (made in Indonesia)