Korean Chef's Spicy Budaejjigae (Pork/2pax)

8% Rp 165.000
Rp 180.000
8% Rp 165.000
Rp 180.000you save Rp 15.000
Daejanggeum Budae Jjigae will be loved by customers for its generous ingredients and huge portion size. To make it easier to enjoy, we have prepared a 2-person kit. If you want to enjoy Budae-jjigae right away without any preparation, or if you want to eat proper Budae-jjigae made with delicious ham/sausage, place your order right now. A 'steamed' budae-jjigae that does not use cheap chicken/beef sausages, but only pork ham/sausages. It's a generous serving for two, so it'll be enough for a family.

frozen. Weight: 2 servings