Korean Chef's Spicy Beef Soup (Hangover Soup)

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8% Rp 110.000
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[Daejanggeum][Frozen] Gaengsangdo Beef Soup / Frozen. Weight: 600g (2 servings)

The beef soup meal kit with high-quality beef and fresh vegetables allows you to easily enjoy Korean food at home. Fresh beef and vegetables add flavor and depth to the soup. Beef soup has rich nutritional value. Beef is rich in protein and iron, and vegetables contain various vitamins and dietary fiber, making them ideal for a healthy diet. The rich soup and meat taste whet your appetite, and you can complete a rich Korean meal with a variety of side dishes. Buy our Korean Beef Soup now and enjoy the best Korean cuisine at home! Beef soup is also great for enjoying a delicious meal with family or friends. If you want to experience the authentic taste of Korea conveniently at home, Korean Beef Soup is one of the best options.

Frozen weight: 600g