Korean Chef's Tofu Soup (1200g)

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10% Rp 135.000
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[Daejanggeum] Soft Tofu Stew Meal Kit / Refrigerated. Weight: 2~3 servings

Do you want to easily enjoy soft tofu stew, a delicious Korean food, at home? Then, I recommend the soft tofu stew meal kit! The soft tofu stew meal kit is based on fresh ingredients and recipes, prepared so that you can experience the real taste of Korea in Indonesia. The preparation process is simple! We provide soft tofu, various vegetables, and special seasoning packaged in the package. Just follow the recipe and follow a few simple steps to create soft tofu stew with rich broth and soft soft tofu. Thanks to the easy cooking process, even people with no cooking experience can easily make delicious soft tofu stew. With just one click, experience the best soft tofu stew at home.

Refrigerated. Weight: 2 to 3 servings