[Selecata/Frozen] Porkbelly Grill Thin (±3mm/500g)

15% Rp 140.000
Rp 165.000
15% Rp 140.000
Rp 165.000you save Rp 25.000

[Selecta] Plane Pork Belly (3mm)

From breeding and farm management to slaughter, processing and export. Meet “Selecta” from ‘Coren’, which pursues delicious and safe pork.
The perfect combination of fat and lean meat will satisfy both your eyes and tongue.
You can just grill it as raw meat, but you will also be very satisfied if you use it in various dishes such as top pork belly roll or stir-fried bean sprout pork belly.

Thickness It's thin cook This time short , kids easily eat number have do 3mm thick for the best of quality plane Pork belly I'm ready .

frozen. Weight: 500g

It's good to just grill it, but it's also perfect to use in dishes such as top pork belly roll or bean sprout pork stir-fry.