[Selecata/Frozen] Porkbelly Grill (±8mm/500g)

16% Rp 135.000
Rp 160.000
16% Rp 135.000
Rp 160.000you save Rp 25.000

in spain for a long time “Selecta” by ‘Coren , which has been loved .

South Korea Miscellaneous Do not have fresh Pork belly I will miss you When , believe meet look . Pig farming prestigious spanish systematic quality management make luxury , luxury Pork belly your to the table bring it I'll give it to you .

' The meat is Have to chew my It's called 'taste ' pork belly For the enthusiasts for , mouth not full Soak it giving moist gravy as it is You can feel it number , 8mm thick  send give . long Don't worry not first order do !

frozen. Weight: 500g

The meat is so juicy that all you have to do is sprinkle salt and pepper on it and grill it.