Korean Chef's Marinated Pork, Yangnyum Pork Galbi (350g)

24% Rp 95.000
Rp 125.000
24% Rp 95.000
Rp 125.000you save Rp 30.000

[Palgakjeong] Marinated pork Galbi/ Frozen. Weight: 400g

The same taste I had at the local galbi restaurant when I was young! These are marinated pork galbi made with fresh meat coated in savory seasoning. Pork raised to strict standards is selected, and with the sweet, salty flavor of soy sauce, you will be able to prepare a meal that is as good as real korean taste.

#Seasoned pork ribs, pork ribs, seasoned ribs seasoned pork ribs

Frozen storage. Weight: 400g

Place the thick meat on a frying pan and cook until golden brown, creating a Korean meal that is just as good as at a specialty restaurant.