[LookBright] Capsule Washing Machine Cleaner(9pcs)

8% Rp 110.000
Rp 120.000
8% Rp 110.000
Rp 120.000you save Rp 10.000

1. Convenient capsule type

2. Powerful cleaning and deodorizing power

|-Sterilization and deodorization 99.999%: Thoroughly cleans everything from invisible harmful bacteria to oil and grime.
-Deodorization test completed (FITI): Deodorizes ammonia, the main culprit of odor.
- Contains vegetable surfactant, so it is gentle but completely removes even oil stains.
*What is vegetable surfactant? Potassium Cocoate > It is an ingredient that has excellent oil decomposition ability through emulsification and effectively removes oil stains and stubborn stains.

3. No detection of harmful ingredients such as microplastics