[Fresh Fruit] Frozen Monthong Durian (500g)

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21% Rp 99.000
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[Local] Frozen Durian (Palu) / Frozen. Weight: 500g

Durian is the king of tropical fruits with a heavenly taste. Monthong seed durian grown in the Palu region is soft and sweet and has small seeds. Since it is a frozen durian with the skin removed and the flesh frozen, it has a low odor, so I recommend it to ‘Durin people’. It is loved by many people for its soft texture and high sugar content, like sweet custard cream. If you take it out of the freezer and let it melt slightly before eating, you can enjoy it like ice cream, and if you mix it with milk, it makes a delicious durian smoothie. If you've had a hard time eating durian because of its strong scent, try this one^^

frozen. Weight: 500g

It does not have a strong scent, so it is recommended for durian lovers. It can also be used as a durian smoothie by mixing it with milk.