[Selecata/Frozen] Porkbelly Utuh (±6cm/500g)

19% Rp 130.000
Rp 160.000
19% Rp 130.000
Rp 160.000you save Rp 30.000

[Selecta] Selecta Whole Pork Belly (5-6cm) / Frozen. Weight: 500g

Find pork in Indonesia that is perfect for Korean tastes.
We have prepared pork belly for boiling that can be cooked easily and effortlessly at home.

Boiled pork is made by boiling pork, removing the fat, and not frying or grilling in oil, so you can eat pork in a much healthier way.
If you want to eat light and soft Bossam in a healthier way, I highly recommend whole pork belly for boiled pork. We prepared it thickly so that it retains its soft but chewy texture.

frozen. Weight: 500g

Prepare a table with soft boiled pork when you cook it well, or moist whole pork belly when you put it in the air fryer.