[Selecata/Frozen] Pork Moksal/Pork Collar Thick (±4cm/500g)

17% Rp 125.000
Rp 150.000
17% Rp 125.000
Rp 150.000you save Rp 25.000

[Selecta] Whole pork neck (3-4cm)

Those who are concerned about the fat of boiled pork belly, but don't like dry meat, take note!
Selecta pork neck has an ideal ratio of lean meat and fat,
It's soft and not tough, so anyone of any age can enjoy it.
Whole neck meat with a soft texture created by moderate marbling,
Enjoy it in a variety of ways, boiled or grilled (air fryer highly recommended)!

frozen. Weight: 500g+/-

Not only can it be used for grilling using an air fryer, but it can also be used as a barbecue during camping or picnics.