[Import/Frozen] Porkbelly grill (±8mm/500g)

12% Rp 110.000
Rp 125.000
12% Rp 110.000
Rp 125.000you save Rp 15.000

[Import] Pork belly for grilling (8mm) / Frozen. Weight: 500g

Introducing mouth-watering pork belly for the grill, the best choice for barbecue lovers. Carefully and professionally prepared. Juicy cuts promise a delightful balance with the meat. Fire up the grill and experience the perfect combination of pork's smoky flavor and tender texture. Take your grilling to the next level with our premium pork belly that is sizzling perfect and creates unforgettable moments. Savor the taste of our exceptional products outdoors.

Just a really delicious imported product. Definitely not from Denmark.

frozen. Weight: 500g

The meat is so juicy that all you have to do is sprinkle salt and pepper on it and grill it.