[Import/Frozen] Germany PorkBelly Thin Grill (±4mm/500g)

8% Rp 120.000
Rp 130.000
8% Rp 120.000
Rp 130.000you save Rp 10.000

[Imported] Thinned Pork Belly (3mm) / Frozen. Weight: 500g

Introducing premium planed pork belly, a culinary delight that will enhance your dining experience. We offer this exquisite pork, known for its rich marbling and succulent texture. Planed pork belly is versatile and its rich layer of fat melts in your mouth, giving the tender meat a well-balanced taste. Whether you're hosting a special event or simply looking for a delicious meal, our thinly sliced ​​pork belly is the perfect choice. Improve your cooking skills and enjoy the unforgettable taste of premium pork. Indulge in exquisite taste and make every meal memorable with Plane Pork Belly.

frozen. Weight: 500g

It's good to just grill it, but it's also perfect to use in dishes such as top pork belly roll or bean sprout pork stir-fry.