Korean Chef's Kimchijjigae with Pork belly

19% Rp 89.000
Rp 110.000
19% Rp 89.000
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[Daejanggeum] Pork Kimchi Stew Meal Kit / Refrigerated. Weight: 2 servings

The fresh kimchi stew meal kit is the perfect choice to enjoy Kimchi stew, a traditional Korean food, simply and deliciously. This product is made using high-quality ingredients and a thorough cooking process so that you can enjoy authentic taste at home even during your busy daily life. Supermarket Meal Kits provide carefully selected, high-quality ingredients such as fresh vegetables, meat, and kimchi. We always use fresh ingredients so that you can enjoy both taste and nutrition. Also, without going through a complicated cooking process, anyone can easily make delicious kimchi stew through the simple, step-by-step cooking process.

Experience the taste of authentic Korean food easily at home with the Kimchi Stew Meal Kit.

Refrigerated weight: 2 servings (tofu not included)