Korean Chef's Traditional Seaweed Soup With Beef (600g)

27% Rp 72.000
Rp 99.000
27% Rp 72.000
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[Daejanggeum][Frozen] Beef seaweed soup, frozen. Weight: 600g

As a soup dish loved by people of all ages, hot boiled seaweed soup cannot be left out. In order to make a clean-tasting beef seaweed soup that anyone can easily enjoy, we lowered the beef content to 2.5% and increased the seaweed (100% Korean) content, allowing the savory flavor of the seaweed and the savory savory flavor of the beef to fully shine through to provide a deep soup taste. When you don't have an appetite, try warming beef and seaweed soup with rice. It will instantly warm up not only your body but also your heart.

Frozen weight: 600g