Mom made Korean Galbitang (750g)

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18% Rp 99.000
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[The Health] Beef Galbitang
Galbitang cannot be left out as a dish that warms the inside. What kind of hot soup is this in a hot country? Please remember that because the weather is hot and you drink more cold water and drinks, your insides can get colder and your immunity can decrease. Eating ribs that have been simmered for a long time in deep broth and easily falls apart with chopsticks will strengthen both your body and mind.
We select healthy American beef ribs, clean them, boil them, and steam them for a long time to make the meat soft. The broth is made with the water from which the ribs were boiled, so the soup has a deep flavor. After warming it up well, serve it hot with rice. You can add green onions, pepper, and glass noodles according to your preference.

Frozen weight: 750g
Origin: Beef ribs, beef from USA