Korean Chef's Kimchi Bawang Bombay (175g)

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30% Rp 35.000
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Mom's Homemade Jar of Pickled Onions / Refrigerated. Weight: 200g

A simple but delicious side dish called pickled onions!
Pickles that are simple but have an unusual and refreshing taste!

The crunchy, sweet and sour pickled onions are made using only New Zealand onions from clean areas.
Each onion is washed several times under running water, making it twice as clean and delicious!
Well-washed onions are cut into bite-sized pieces by hand, not by machine, so you can see them with your eyes.
You can check the ingredients one more time.

It goes perfectly with meat, but it's no secret that it goes well with Chapagetti! Enjoy soy sauce pickled onions with a beautiful crunchy texture.

After eating all the pickled onions, boil the remaining soy sauce, let it cool, and then add another prepared
Just pour in the ingredients and a new side dish is created!
(One seat, two sets, two side dishes for the price of one!)