[US/Frozen] Beef ShortPlate (±1mm/500g)

10% Rp 122.000
Rp 135.000
10% Rp 122.000
Rp 135.000you save Rp 13.000

[US] Beef Samgyeop / Frozen. Weight: 500g (250g*2)

They grow up eating ripe corn feed in the so-called 'Corn Belt' (Corn Belt: a general term for about 90 large-scale farm areas in the United States. The area of ​​the ranch alone is about 1.9 times that of the Korean Peninsula. It's amazing^^;;), a vast granary region in the American Midwest. IBP Beef Samgyeop, a well-known US Beef brand in Korea.
Beef pork belly, which has less oil than brisket and is richer in lightness and flavor, can be sliced ​​thinly into 1.5mm pieces and used in a variety of ways, such as grilling, hotpot, stew, or stir-fry.

frozen. Weight: 500g (250g*2)

You can grill it right away, but try using it as a topping for tteokbokki, stews, stir-fried dishes, etc.