Korean Chef's Shortplate Bulgogi (400g)

26% Rp 115.000
Rp 155.000
26% Rp 115.000
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[Daejanggeum] Beef Samgyeop Bulgogi / Refrigerated. Weight: 400g

Beef Samgyeop Bulgogi is the best Korean dish with the rich aroma of beef and savory taste. Woosapgyeop Bulgogi captivates eaters with its thin texture of meat. The fragrant blend of seasonings and the soft texture of the beef combine to create a wonderful combination of flavors. The combination of savory beef and seasoning gives you a rich and savory taste. Beef Samgyeop Bulgogi is best enjoyed with rice, and can be eaten wrapped with lettuce or perilla leaves as a side dish. It goes well with a variety of dining styles and is also great to enjoy with family or friends. In addition, it is easy to prepare using simple cooking methods, making meal time more comfortable.

cold storage. Weight: 400g