Korean Chef's Spicy Bulgogi (350g)

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23% Rp 119.000
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[Daejanggeum] Stir-fried beef and pork belly / refrigerated. Weight: 350g

Stir-fried Beef Samgyeop Jeyuk is a delicious dish with a combination of rich flavor and special seasoning. High-quality beef pork belly is sliced ​​to an appropriate thickness and marinated in special seasoning to add flavor. Fire-grilled beef pork belly boasts a soft and chewy texture as the fat of the meat melts evenly. Thanks to the harmony of seasonings, the spicy and rich seasoning taste spreads in your mouth, giving you a deep sense of satisfaction every time you eat it. In addition, it can be enjoyed easily with a simple cooking method, making meal time more enriching. Meet beef pork bulgogi that fully meets your tastes and needs.

cold storage. Weight: 350g