[Made in Korea] Soybean Paste, Jaeraesic (500g)

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23% Rp 31.000
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[Haechandle] Light traditional soybean paste (500g)

If you were to pick a must-have for Korean cuisine, soybean paste would not be left out. From stews to stews, bibimbap, and tteokbokki, the uses are endless. The product I'm going to introduce to you now is a traditional soybean paste made using an old-fashioned square bean paste according to the traditional method. It is not burdensome at 500 grams, and we have prepared it so that you can conveniently receive it at home without having to go to the supermarket. The moment you really need it, put it in your shopping cart.

Room temperature. Weight: 500g
Expiration date: July 12, 2024