[Made in Korea] VINEGARD HOT PEPPER PASTE @ 500g

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10% Rp 39.000
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[Haechandle] Sweet and sour red pepper paste (500g)

Sweet and sour red pepper paste is a seasoning that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. It goes without saying that it goes well with raw fish or raw vegetables. Dipping lightly poached seafood without any seasoning is also one of the delicacies that can be easily prepared. Haechandle's sweet and sour red pepper paste, which adds richness with roasted sesame seeds, is a non-irritating spicy product that can be used as a secret seasoning for vinegared salads or stir-fried dishes. Experience Haechand’s sweet and sour red pepper paste in a convenient 500g capacity.

Room temperature. Weight: 500g
Expiration date: April 20, 2024