[Made in Korea] Korean Bbq Sauce (Bulgogi Marinade) (500g)

8% Rp 44.000
Rp 48.000
8% Rp 44.000
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[Beksul] Beef Bulgogi Seasoning Sauce (500g)

I'll introduce you to a beef bulgogi seasoning sauce that you can keep handy in your kitchen. When there is a holiday or family event, we prepare it in a size that is convenient for cooking large quantities. Made with years of know-how, the taste is honest and effortless. It is made with puree made from domestic pears and apples, giving it a mouth-watering umami flavor. Satisfy your family’s taste buds with the luxurious taste of beef bulgogi on a special day.

Room temperature. Weight: 500g
Expiration date: February 28, 2025