[AUS/Frozen] Black Angus Tenderloin Grill (±7mm/145g)

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8% Rp 258.000
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[AUS] Black Angus tenderloin for grilling (±7mm) / Frozen. Weight: 145g

Magical soft tenderloin that spreads gently

Soft meat, moist and juicy at a pleasant moment.
No antibiotics or growth promoters are used, and GMO-free feed is used.

We proudly sell Black Angus beef tenderloin. Black Angus cattle are known for being of excellent quality, and the tenderloin is the most tender and has the best texture. Black Angus beef tenderloin has a great texture and juicy flavor that cooks perfectly on the grill or skillet. Fresh Black Angus beef is selected according to strict standards and processed with precision to ensure the highest quality. To maintain freshness, special packaging methods and refrigerated storage systems are used to ensure safe and fresh delivery to customers. Black Angus beef tenderloin is the perfect choice for those who enjoy special dishes at fine dining restaurants or at home. Experience the best quality and taste.


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frozen. Weight: 145g
Country of origin: Made in Australia