[AUS/Frozen] Wagyu MB 7+ Korean style Anchangsal Grill (±5mm/200g)

24% Rp 190.000
Rp 250.000
24% Rp 190.000
Rp 250.000you save Rp 60.000

[AUS][Frozen] Grilled Wagyu MB7+ inner fillet (±5mm) (200g)

A special cut of inner-chang meat with a chewy texture and an attractive savory flavor.
Even in Korea, one cow weighs less than 1kg, and it is hard to find it in regular butcher shops. It is said that unless it is fresh and refrigerated, the unique scent of inner grill meat is so strong that it is not commonly used in regular restaurants.

However, Supermarket has a perfect cold chain and will deliver refrigerated inner bars to customers in the best condition. Thanks to the purchase of a lot of skirt meat last week, we are now able to supply refrigerated lining meat (albeit in very small quantities) made of Wagyu. As a thank you to our customers, we are offering a very special price that cannot be found anywhere else in Jakarta.

If you enjoy eating Korean beef 1++ beef ribs, try filling the empty space with Wagyu beef ribs that boast 1++ or higher marbling. Wagyu raised healthily and honestly will not betray your trust.

frozen. Weight: 200g