[AUS/Frozen] Black Angus Premium Boneless Galbi Grill (±8mm/200g)

14% Rp 249.000
Rp 290.000
14% Rp 249.000
Rp 290.000you save Rp 41.000

[AUS][Refrigerated] Grilled Black Angus rib meat (±8mm/200g)

Meet the carefully selected and presented flower ribs. It is located in the center of the ribs and is characterized by marbling that looks like a blooming flower. You can enjoy not only the meaty aroma, but also the soft texture and savory flavor. We will send it to you properly shaped so that you can bake it as is, so enjoy it as a special dinner. It's a good amount to eat at once so you won't have to worry about it.

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cold storage. Weight: 200g
Country of origin: Made in Australia