[AUS/Frozen] Wagyu MB 8,9 Brisket (±1.5mm/200g)

28% Rp 159.000
Rp 220.000
28% Rp 159.000
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[AUS][Frozen] Wagyu MB 9+ marbled for grilling (±1.5mm) / weight 200g

Australian skirt beef is of the highest quality and rich in flavor. This meat is obtained from the side parts of the cow and gives it a unique character and flavor. Supermarket provides customers with fresh, healthy Australian beef selected according to strict standards. Skirt meat is rich in high-quality muscle and has a juicy flavor and tenderness. When cooked on a grill or frying pan, the meat becomes tender and savory, and its rich flavor spreads in your mouth. Best results are achieved when cooked with spices or herbs. Experience Australian skirt meat for a delightful dining experience.

frozen. Weight: 200g