[AUS/Frozen] Black Angus Striploin Steak (±2cm/300g)

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10% Rp 342.000
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[AUS] Black Angus striploin steak (±2cm) / Frozen. Weight: 300g

Strip meat with a tight texture, chewy texture and rich flavor the more you chew it.

Rich flavor inside the thick layer, rich meaty aroma that entices the taste buds
No antibiotics or growth promoters are used, and GMO-free feed is used.

The end of the strip is soft enough to grill, but unlike the tenderness of the tenderloin or the lightness of special parts without oil, the deep marbling and thick texture stand out. The juicy juice bursting out from between the skins is attractive.

Premium Black Angus strips are provided to you with the highest quality and flavor. Supermarket offers premium loincloths using Black Angus beef that has been selected to exceptional selection standards. The tender, high-quality meat melts in your mouth and provides rich gravy and unique flavor. Black Angus beef boasts premium quality and uniformity, ensuring the best taste and texture. Suitable for a variety of cooking methods, you can enjoy the best taste and aroma by baking it on a grill or in a pan. It's the perfect choice for a great meal on a special occasion or as a precious gift. Give your table a special treat with premium Black Angus strips!

frozen. Weight: 300g