[AUS/Frozen] Wagyu MB 9+ Bolar Blade Grill (±5mm/200g)

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Rp 230.000
28% Rp 165.000
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[AUS] Wagyu MB 9+ for grilling roe (±5mm) / frozen. Weight: 200g

Introducing excellent Australian Wagyu roe jeonggak products! Sourced from respected farms, our Wagyu roe pancakes offer a unique combination of rich flavor and incredible tenderness. It's juicy and beautifully marbled. You can make a mouth-watering steak or use it in various dishes. The exceptional quality and buttery texture of Wagyu roe pancakes are a true delight for meat lovers. Enjoy a rich and delicious dining experience by choosing our premium Australian Wagyu Roe Jeongak products that embody the highest quality of this famous beef.

frozen. Weight: 200g