[Cash Nut] Cashewnut Original (360g)

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26% Rp 89.000
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[Cash Nut] Cashew nuts (original, 360g)

Cash Nut's cashew nuts are of the highest quality, full of nutrients and rich in flavor. We carefully select the best coffee beans, preserve their nutrients through fresh harvesting and precise processing, and provide a soft and creamy texture. Cashew nuts are rich in healthy fatty acids and proteins, making them ideal for energy and muscle recovery. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients to support a healthy diet. Cashew nuts provide fresh taste and nutrients at the same time, making them the best choice for enjoying a healthy life. They are the perfect snack for those who are interested in diet or health to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Experience Cash nut cashews now. This special choice of health and taste will enrich your daily life.

cold storage. Weight: 360g

Use it not only as a snack to soothe your boredom, but also as a topping for salads, yogurt, etc.