[Fresh Fish] Frozen saba fillet (200g)

29% Rp 48.500
Rp 68.000
29% Rp 48.500
Rp 68.000you save Rp 19.500
Enjoy green fish in a simpler way, perfect as a nutritious side dish for the whole family. The Norwegian mackerel we introduce is a product that has its head, intestines, and tail neatly cleaned and can be used immediately for cooking. Since it is not seasoned with salt, you can add seasoning to suit your taste. It is imported directly from Norway by fishing boat, so it is very fresh and shiny. Starting today, welcome Norwegian mackerel, which has been carefully checked from its origin to its processing, as a regular guest on your table. (Two pieces are individually wrapped, so enjoy them in a variety of ways.)

frozen. Weight: 200g
Country of origin: Made in Norway