[Fresh Fruit] Sweet Donut peach (450g)

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Rp 139.000
32% Rp 95.000
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Enjoy summer with soft and sweet Donut Peaches!
Do you want to feel the cool taste of summer? But if you feel like regular peaches are boring, Donut Peach is the answer! Its unique donut-shaped appearance and sweet taste will make your summer even more special. Our Donut Peach has a soft and chewy texture. When you take a bite, the freshness of sweet citrus and fruit will fill your mouth. It's perfect as a snack that kids love, and you can also use it in cocktails or dishes to add a unique flavor. Now enjoy summer with Donut Peach! Don't miss out on special events and discounts. Experience the sweet taste of summer all at once and meet Donut Peach, which will give you a special emotion! Meet Donut Peach at the supermarket right now! Experience the charm of Donut Peach, which will make summer even more special with its unique appearance and sweet taste!

Weight: 450g