[Fresh Fruit] Sweet Wokam (800g)

20% Rp 48.000
Rp 60.000
20% Rp 48.000
Rp 60.000you save Rp 12.000

[Fresh Fruit] Sweet Wokam (800g)

A little seedy but juicy and sweet.

Do you want to feel the cool taste of citrus during summer?
Our Sweet Wokam is the perfect snack on a cool summer day. This product is loved by everyone, from children to the elderly, as it has a sweet taste and refreshing texture at the same time.

Don't miss out on special discounts. Let’s enjoy the pleasure of tangerines in the summer and beat the heat with their refreshing taste!

Meet Sweet Wokam at the supermarket right now! When you take a bite, you will be filled with the sweet taste of summer. Experience a new world of tangerines!

cold storage. Weight: 800g
Place of Origin: China