[Fresh Fruit] Redblood Karakara Orange (2kg)

39% Rp 110.000
Rp 180.000
39% Rp 110.000
Rp 180.000you save Rp 70.000

A sweet and refreshing grapefruit orange with red flesh like a grapefruit. It is different from regular oranges.
It has a similar appearance, but the inside flesh is red like a grapefruit.
Cara Cara Orange is a combination of the sweetness of orange and the freshness of grapefruit.
It is the strongest among oranges, boasting a sweetness level of 15 Brix.

In addition, it is a natural health food, Power Orange, which contains tremendous vitamins and
It is a low-calorie diet food.
Folic acid, potassium, lycopene, lipocene, etc., which are especially necessary for pregnant women.
It is a power orange with various nutrients.

Refrigerated weight: 2Kg