[Fresh Fruit] Apel ENVY (2Kg / 8-10pcs)

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18% Rp 180.000
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[Fresh Fruit] ENVY apples (8-10 pieces of 2Kg)

Stay healthy with fresh and delicious New Zealand ENVY apples! It features a fragrant flavor and crunchy texture. Apples grown in New Zealand's pristine nature deliver their freshness. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which not only helps strengthen immunity, but also ensures great taste. There are many different types of apples to choose from, and each apple has its own characteristics, making it ideal for use in a variety of dishes or snacks. We provide safe products through eco-friendly cultivation methods that minimize the use of pesticides, and enjoy fresh and nutritious New Zealand apples!

Envy apples were developed in New Zealand and grown in many places around the world.
This is a new variety of apple developed through 25 years of research at the Plant & Food Research Institute. The apple is not covered with plastic to artificially increase its color. Cultivated in a pristine environment, natural sunlight and wind create the unique taste and aroma of ENVI apples.

Envy apple farms around the world strictly manage their farms to ensure that hazardous elements remain in their produce. Based on an average sugar content of 16 brix, experience a new taste and aroma as well as the crunch of a snack full of apple juice.

Weight: 2kg (8~10 pieces)
Origin: New Zealand