[Marine Palace] Red Snapper fish Steak (300g)

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[Marine Palace] Frozen red snapper. Weight: 300g (100g small package x 3 pieces)

Neatly and conveniently prepared red sea bream

Bream, known as the ‘King of Fish’, is famous for its delicious taste and is said to have a sweet taste in its flesh.
Not only does it have a soft yet springy texture, but it is also rich in omega 3, calcium, selenium, magnesium, etc.
It is also rich in various nutrients and minerals.
We prepared delicious sea bream not only for adults, but also for adults, so that they can enjoy it fresh by removing all thorns in facilities with strict hygiene management! Even though it is a frozen product, it is delivered through proper packaging and cold chain.
Nevertheless, you will be able to experience a better taste than most Indonesian live fish.

frozen. Weight: 300g (100g small package x 3 pieces)
Expiration date: 2024.01.31

Use it in a variety of ways, from savory grilled food to warm steamed fish.