[Marine Palace] Salmon Steak (270g)

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30% Rp 155.000
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[Marine Palace] Salmon Steak / Frozen. Weight: 270g (90g small package x 3 pieces)

Premium salmon steak

Today's recommended menu using salmon, which is delicious no matter how you cook it, is "Premium Salmon Steak."
Meet premium salmon fillet for steak, an ambitious product from Blessing Fish, a specialized fish processing brand.
Salmon imported directly from clean waters of Norway,
We remove the thorns, carefully clean it, and send it to you in neat packaging.
All you have to do is open the package and cook at home.
It's a taste that both salmon beginners who can't stomach raw salmon and salmon lovers who love salmon will fall in love with it!
It's perfect as a special dish for a special guest on a special day!

frozen. Weight: 270g (90g small package x 3 pieces)
Expiration date: 2023.12.24

All you have to do is season it with salt and pepper, and fry it on both sides in a lightly oiled pan! The easiest salmon steak to make, it makes a statement on the table without any fancy techniques or special ingredients.