[Marine Palace] Salmon Cube (200g)

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33% Rp 162.000
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[Marine Palace] Salmon cubes / frozen. Weight: 200g (100g small package x 2 pieces)

Cube-shaped salmon prepared neatly and conveniently

If you've been thinking about making nutritious dishes for your kids, I recommend cubed salmon for kids!
We removed the spines of fresh Norwegian salmon one by one and cut it into small pieces.
Since it is not seasoned with salt, it is easy for children to eat.
It's packaged in three small packages so it's easy to eat at once, so take one out and use it whenever you need it.

frozen. Weight: 200g (100g small package x 2 pieces)
Expiration date: 2024.11.29

All you have to do is season it with salt and pepper, and fry it on both sides in a lightly oiled pan! Light salmon fried rice for kids!