[Korea Dessert] Rice Cake For Korean Traditional Soup Tteokguk (1kg)

Rp 50.000
Rp 50.000

[Jongno] Tteokguk Rice Cake (1kg)

This 'Tteokguk Rice Cake' from 'Jongno Tteok House' is made only with rice and salt and has a clean taste and chewy texture.
I trust it even more because it is a tteokguk rice cake made with the know-how of the owner's family, which has been accumulated over 30 years in Korea.
We carefully managed the temperature and time of the production process and went through a careful aging process to create chewy and light tteokguk rice cakes.
It can be used in a variety of dishes, from warm tteokguk to sweet and spicy tteokbokki.

Room temperature (room temperature).Weight: 1kg

Jongno Tteokjip's tteokguk rice cake boasts a clean taste and chewy texture, made with over 30 years of know-how.