[Bonne Maman] Chestnut Jam

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21% Rp 63.000
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[Bonne Maman] Chestnut Jam (370g)

This is Bonmaman’s savory chestnut jam.

Have you ever wondered what jam would taste like if you made it with chestnuts? Bonmaman chestnut jam made from French organic chestnuts has a unique savory taste that reminds me of yanggaeng. Bonmaman's chestnut jam, where you can feel the strong sweet scent of chestnuts the moment you open the lid. It is neatly made by adding vanilla extract to chestnut paste and has a heavy texture that goes well with various baked goods. Mix it with warm milk and you have a sweet chestnut latte.

Refrigerated weight: 370g
Expiration date: 2024.06.29

Use chestnut jam, which is delicious just by spooning it, on croissants and crackers with butter and use it as an entree.