[Dammann] Camomile

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[Dammann Damán Frere] Camomile

Dammann Camomile Dammann Freres has been writing the history of tea for over 300 years. This name will be very familiar to those who often enjoy tea. In Indonesia, the newly launched St. Since it is offered by the St. Regis Hotel, it must be a combination suitable for that level. It is a 100% chamomile flower herbal tea for recharging the body and mind, improving insomnia and relieving fatigue. It is said that you can get the best taste if you cook it for about 6 minutes. Dammann Freres' chamomile has a strong chamomile scent with a honey-like sweetness, but also has a chrysanthemum-like scent. With a medium to heavy and rich aroma, the chamomile scent spreads richly, giving a deeper flavor in your mouth. In particular, it is said that the taste does not change significantly even when cooled, which is also a big advantage.

Imported directly from France, it is fresher and at a better price.

Room temperature. Contents: 24 Crystal Bags
Expiration date: 2025.12